Management Dashboard Reporting

Want to get more qualified sales leads? LEADS by offers a full-service Internet marketing solution to get more business today!

With LEADS by, we provide you with online tracking tools so you can keep track of every new lead. Our Online Scorecard is designed to clearly organize all of the information you want to know about your online marketing program.

What is the Online Scorecard?

The Online Scorecard is a performance dashboard featuring an array of online marketing tools to help you easily see how LEADS by is getting you new business. It updates in real time to ensure that it includes all of the latest information about every sales lead.

What Lead Information is Included?

When you get a lead, it is important to have all of their details recorded. The Online Scorecard helps you stay organized by recording the following:
  • Lead Contact Information: Contact name, phone number, e-mail address, location.
  • E-mail Details: Date and time of e-mail and complete e-mail message.
  • Phone Lead Information: Call recording, date, time and duration of the call.

Real-Time Alerts

Never worry about missing a call when you sign up for lead alerts through the Online Scorecard! Choose to get an e-mail or SMS text alert when a new sales lead calls or e-mails your business. This feature makes it easy to follow up with potential new customers right away!

Scorecard Metrics

The Online Scorecard is designed to help illustrate how LEADS by is performing for your business. Complete with customizable reports and metric tracking statistics like click-through rates and the number of impressions, we provide a full range of performance stats!
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