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If you’ve been looking for a way to jump-start the level of your house cleaning or maid service marketing, look no further! LEADS by is an efficient and great way to get started on maximizing your business’ visibility today!

Maid Service Leads: You know that in order to run a successful cleaning or maid service business, you have to give superior service. At LEADS by, we do the same, by offering top-rate Internet based campaigns that increase leads that convert to sales and give you more customers. Through strategic search engine marketing, optimization and Web design, our marketing specialists craft a unique campaign that specifically reaches out to your target market. We search out competitors and research your industry so customers’ needs and search queries will always be met.
Why LEADS Works: After the campaign has been developed, a unique website will also be created for your business. Created with optimized keywords and content, this website will drive traffic to your business.

Other benefits include:
   Prime advertisement: Your business will be placed in key search engines including Google,
    Yahoo!, and Bing.
   Transparency is key: Monitor your ROI using Scorecard, our online dashboard performance tracker.
   Continual access: Marketing specialists are always available for updates if you decide to add new
    products or change the geo-specific area of your business.

Our Plan's next steps include:

   Keyword research for search engine advertising
   Extensive competitor research
   Campaign optimization using the most profitable
   Real-time tracking and monitoring of your
    house cleaning leads campaign

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